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A Journey to Find and Touch the Face of God
A Spiritual Myth by

A life-long struggle to unravel the great mystery of life leads the author on a mystical journey in search of the knowledge and wisdom that he hopes will bring him lasting spiritual peace. Guided by an Angel who appears to him in a dream, he begins a journey back to the Point of Creation. What follows is a compelling story of eternal love, the story of a profound friendship, and a spellbinding chronicle of adventure and discovery that rises to the level of mythic reality. Through this timeless rite of spiritual passage he finally comes to understand the nature of existence, and in the process, discovers his own place in the universal dance of life. From this struggle comes a profoundly personal view of creation, of life and death, and of all that lies beyond the stars.

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Twenty-two Illustrations
146 pages
8.5 x 11 inches
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